Tacotopia Taco Vendors

At Tacotopia, we take advantage of our surroundings by getting the very best taco vendors all in one place for your gastronomic pleasure

We combed the region, searching far and wide from TJ to LA, only extending invites to the true elite. From established taco chains to mom and pop taco stands and trucks, Tacotopia has a diverse selection for every kind of taco aficionado. Crispy fish tacos, fancy gourmet tacos, savory street tacos; you name it, we got it. Hope you brought an extra pair of socks because these tacos are gonna knock that first pair right off.

Below you will find a list of all of the amazing taco vendors that will be setting up shop at Tacotopia in Golden Hill Park. These are the pick of the litter, the cream of the crop, the very best-in-class when it comes to achieving an advanced doctorate in Tacology.

***Note: Taco samples are available while supplies last

Chef Chay
Tacos El Vaquero San Diego Tacotopia
Tacos El Vaquero
Asadero Chikali
Taco fest in Golden Hill Park, San Diego
Mascarpone Cheesecake by Chef Turok
Churros Dulce Canella
Dulce Canella
Tortillas De Lola Tacotopia San Diego
Tortillas De Lola
Seven Dreams Tacotopia San Diego
Seven Dreams
Blanco Tacos & Tequila Tacotopia
Blanco Tacos + Tequila
Rasta Rita Margarita Bar Tacotopia San Diego
Rasta Rita Margarita Bar
Best tacos at Lucha Libre in San Diego
Lucha Libre Taco Shop
Royal Rooster San Diego Reader Tacotopia
Royal Rooster
the taco stand san diego
The Taco Stand
Filiberto's Mexican Food San Diego Tacotopia
Filiberto’s Mexican Food
Birrieria El Mendez San Diego Tacotopia
Birrieria El Mendez
El Viejon Seafood Reader Tacotopia San Diego
El Viejon Seafood
Tita’s Taco Shop Reader Tacotopia San Diego
Tita’s Taco Shop
Salt + Lime Reader Tacotopia San Diego
Salt + Lime
MissShelly Reader Tacotopia San Diego
MissShelly Reader Tacotopia San Diego
Piedra Santa Restaurante Tacotopia San Diego
Piedra Santa Restaurante
Spitfire Tacos San Diego Tacotopia
Spitfire Tacos
La Fuente Mexican Grill and Seafood
La Fuente Mexican Grill
Krispy Boyz
Krispy Boyz
619 Birrieria
619 Birrieria
La Libertad Cocina Urbana
La Libertad Cocina Urbana
Al Pastor Town
Al Pastor Town
Concha Azul
Concha Azul
El Canelo Tacos
El Canelo Tacos
Birria Madrigal
Birria Madrigal
It’s in the Filling!
It’s in the Filling!
El Sany’s Taco Catering
El Sany’s Taco Catering
La Michoacana Estrella
La Michoacana Estrella
Baja Fish Taco & Burgers
Baja Fish Taco & Burgers
Barbaric BBQ
Barbaric BBQ
Bandito Taqueria
Bandito Taqueria
Craft Coast Beer and Tacos
Craft Coast Beer and Tacos
Aguachile SD
Aguachile SD
Buff Chick Reader Tacotopia San Diego
Buff Chick
Mariscos El Katrin Reader Tacotopia San Diego
Mariscos El Katrin
Chula Tacos Reader Tacotopia San Diego
Chula Tacos
Pacific Catch Reader Tacotopia San Diego
Pacific Catch
The Mexico Cafe Reader Tacotopia San Diego
The Mexico Cafe
ALCE101 Kitchen + Tequileria Reader Tacotopia San Diego
ALCE101 Kitchen + Tequileria
DixiePops Reader Tacotopia San Diego
URBANA Mexican Gastronomy Reader Tacotopia San Diego
URBANA Mexican Gastronomy
Nandos Hot Box Reader Tacotopia San Diego
Nandos Hot Box
Homestead Solana Beach Tacotopia
Homestead Solana Beach
Topside Terrace Kitchen & Bar
Carmen's Authentic Mexican Food Tacotopia San Diego
Carmen’s Mexican Food
Piña Tacotopia San Diego
La Cocina Del Abuelo Tacotopia San Diego
La Cocina Del Abuelo
El Sueño Restaurant Tacotopia San Diego
El Sueño Restaurant
Sandbar Sportsbar & Grill San Diego Tacotopia
Sandbar Sportsbar & Grill
Del Real Foods Tacotopia
Del Real Foods
Cocina Tonalnan Tacotopia San Diego
Cocina Tonalnan
Chela’s Antojitos Tacotopia San Diego
Chela’s Antojitos
Las Coritas Tacotopia San Diego
Las Coritas
American Retro Food Truck Tacotopia San Diego
American Retro Food Truck
Eye of Ra Hot Sauce
Eye of Ra Hot Sauce
7 Siblings Hot Sauce
7 Siblings Hot Sauce
Padre Long Beach Tacotopia San Diego
Padre Long Beach
The Palette: A Sophisticated Cookie Company Tacotopia
The Palette
Belmont Park Tacotopia San Diego
Belmont Park
La Especial Tacos a Vapor USA Tacotopia San Diego
La Especial Tacos a Vapor USA
Eat Coyotas Tortillas San Diego Tacotopia
Eat Coyotas
​​Holy Paleta Tacotopia San Diego
​​Holy Paleta
Cultura Catering Tacotopia San Diego
Cultura Catering
SKA Bar Tacotopia San Diego
Nomad Donuts Tacotopia San Diego
Nomad Donuts
Brasero Del Norte La Corriente Reader Tacotopia San Diego
Brasero Del Norte / La Corriente
The Corner Drafthouse Reader Tacotopia San Diego
The Corner Drafthouse
Antojitos Guerrero Reader Tacotopia San Diego
Antojitos Guerrero
Birria Queen Reader Tacotopia San Diego
Birria Queen
Birria El Rey Reader Tacotopia San Diego
Birria El Rey
Otro Taco Reader Tacotopia San Diego
TacoMan Reader Tacotopia San Diego
La Heladería Mi Barrio Reader Tacotopia San Diego
La Heladería Mi Barrio


The Reader is a San Diego institution, and we are always working to better the community and the area around us. That is why we are proud to offer a Charity Bar, with proceeds from the bar benefiting the Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corporation, an organization that works to better the Golden Hill community.