Tacotopia Taco Vendors

At Tacotopia, we take advantage of our surroundings by getting the very best taco vendors all in one place for your gastronomic pleasure

We combed the region, searching far and wide from TJ to LA, only extending invites to the true elite. From established taco chains to mom and pop taco stands and trucks, Tacotopia has a diverse selection for every kind of taco aficionado. Crispy fish tacos, fancy gourmet tacos, savory street tacos; you name it, we got it. Hope you brought an extra pair of socks because these tacos are gonna knock that first pair right off.

Below you will find a list of all of the amazing taco vendors that will be setting up shop at Tacotopia in Golden Hill Park. These are the pick of the litter, the cream of the crop, the very best-in-class when it comes to achieving an advanced doctorate in Tacology.

***Note: Taco samples are available while supplies last


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