Tacotopia Entertainment

Enjoy your tacos & drinks with a side of live entertainment at Tacotopia in Golden Hill Park

If you need to take a break from enjoying tacos from the best vendors around, you will not be short on joyful diversions to partake in. First things first, Lucha Libre wrestling is in the house! Partake in the enjoyable antics of authentic Lucha Libre wrestlers going toe to toe in the ring, courtesy of FIST Combat. There will also be live music from a collection of local bands and musicians, live art demonstrations, and an array of fun lawn games like giant Jenga and cornhole. Come for the food, stay for the entertainment!

FIST Combat Lucha Libre Wrestling

FIST Combat is a local pro wrestling and Lucha Libre promoter running live shows on the first and third Thursdays every month at Jolt’n Joe’s in La Mesa. Hard hitting action and an incredible fan interactive experience are what FIST Combat delivers on every show. Wrestlers like Dirty Ron McDonald, Officer Randy Order, “Queen of Butt Stuff” Lois Grain, Couch Potato Carl, and others lay the smack down and put on a show unlike anything you’ve ever seen. New episodes of GET FIST’d TV are on YouTube every Friday so you can check out the action @FISTCombatTV on all social media.

Full Strength Cover Band

Photograph by Cynthia Sinclair

Full Strength Cover Band

VOTED “BEST COVER BAND” IN THE 2020 SAN DIEGO READER POLL!!! We’re a high-energy dance band whose unique format ensures that the party never stops. Like a great DJ, we transition seamlessly between hits featuring everything from classic ‘70s funk like Stevie Wonder and Parliament, old school hip hop like Salt N’ Pepa and Ton Loc, beloved horn-driven bands like Earth Wind & Fire and Tower of Power, and today’s biggest stars like Bruno Mars and Beyonce.