Social Tap Eatery Tacos in the ballpark of the ballpark

Located about 400 feet from center field, Petco Park neighbor Social Tap Eatery provides a great place to eat and drink during Padres games, whether or not you have a ticket to the game. From its patio, you may eat tacos with a direct view of the park in the park, and the stadium beyond it. You’ll hear the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd while you nosh on the restaurant’s signature braised tacos, including short rib beef barbacoa. Should you prefer seafood, the shrimp tacos may be ordered grilled or fried, and for vegetarians, a mix of bell and pasilla peppers with rice make for a distinctive veggie taco (best if you add guac for 75 cents).

But the clear number one choices are Social Tap’s signature tacos: seared ahi flavored with sesame seeds, sriracha, teriyaki sauce, and wasabi aioli; or the truly mouth-watering filet mignon truffle tacos, where the grilled steak is dressed to kill with mushrooms, poblano cheese, fried shallots, and black truffle salt. That’s mmm mmm umami good!