When La Taquiza Shows Up, You Know It’s a Party!


For two decades, family owned and operated catering company La Taquiza has brought fresh, authentic Mexican tacos to private events throughout San Diego. Whether it’s for a wedding, business gathering, cocktail reception, or backyard party, La Taquiza always shows up prepared to make corn tortillas on site, and with flour tortillas made that morning. Guests get the option of either with each order, ensuring every taco is built on the best flavor and texture available (and topped with guacamole!).

To fill those tortillas, La Taquiza uses quality meats and local produce to furnish a stellar menu of meat and vegetarian tacos. Its grilled pollo and carne asada are seasoned with a secret recipe of spices, salt, and lime. Other options include a specialty marinated pork adobado, tender beef lengua, and succulent beef birria simmered in chilis and spices.

A marvelous choice of veggie tacos start with potato tacos, featuring mashed potato cooked in tomato sauce. A roasted veggie taco consist of bell peppers, zucchini, and onion; while the classic rajas con queso pairs blackened chile poblano with a cheesy cream sauce. Show up hungry to a La Taquiza event: you’re going to want at least eight tacos!