Street Tacos In The Food Court


Blanco Tacos & Tequila recently opened a large, impeccably designed space at Fashion Valley, complete with a vast patio and elegant indoor dining room decorated by murals and macramé wall hangings. All this, plus a terrific assortment of street tacos!

While built on fresh corn tortillas, what’s inside the tacos is a step up from anything you’ll find on the streets. You may short chicken pastor with grilled pineapple, or fried shrimp with pickled onion and chipotle aioli. There’s even an elevated version of a gringo taco: a crispy corn tortilla shell with ground beef and grated cheese. lettuce, tomato, sour cream.

But the heavy hitters include tacos of spicy Machaca short rib, and a decadent Snake River Wagyu carne asada, with charred scallion relish, crushes avocado, and garlic butter. For vegetarians there’s grilled avocado with spicy yogurt and pickled onion, or you can dip into the fajitas menu, and a mix of marinated and charred local vegetables served with a pecan guajillo pesto. For meat eaters, those fajitas options also include grilled tiger shrimp and that delectable wagyu asada. It’s all very impressive for a mall restaurant right next to the movie theater!