Volcano Rabbit in the San Diego Gaslamp


The Gaslamp’s latest Mexican food destination, Volcano Rabbit, may just be the most glamorous taco shop in all of San Diego. Equipped with a bar, lounge, and patio, the sumptuously decorated space offers a long list of gourmet tacos to match its fashionable-friendly atmosphere.

The chili rubbed octopus is both braised and charred, served with pineapple and spicy mayo on a corn tortilla. While the shop offers elevated takes on traditional tacos — such as carnitas, lengua, and skirt steak carne asada — it’s the restaurant’s fusion tacos that really make it interesting.

Take the sticky beef short rib taco, which serves up a saucy braised short rib with banh mi inspiration. The Vietnamese-inspired taco includes pickled onions and carrots, along with cucumber, cabbage, crushed peanuts, and daikon radish on a flour tortilla. Better yet, Japanese fusion brings a unique flavor mix to the seared ahi taco, topped by sesame seaweed, furikake, and pickled ginger, to go with purple cabbage and ancho mango salsa on a corn tortilla.

It’s a big world of flavor for a restaurant named for an actual tiny rabbit native to a range of volcanos south of Mexico City!