Takobar San Diego


For the past two years, local caterers TakoBar have operated under the idea that every day is Tako Tuesday, and that any place is a great location to eat them.

TakoBar doesn’t have a traditional storefront restaurant ? yet. Instead, it brings the taco experience wherever it’s needed. Any given week, you might find TakoBar dishing up tacos with beans, rice, and elote at local bars, breweries, art fairs, and food festivals, including Tacotopia 2018. You might even encounter its pop-up taco stand at a private event, as the catering company brings its tacos with a K deliciousness to family reunions, weddings, birthday parties, and even corporate events ? because if there’s one thing TakoBar proves time and again, it’s that every party goes great with takos.

Whatever the occasion, TakoBar receives raving reviews from its customers for a menu full of mesquite grilled meat and seafood tacos made with authentic recipes from amazing taco destinations including Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Tulum. You may opt for shrimp and melted cheese, a Mazatlan-inspired smoked tuna taco with mango salsa, or a taco made with locally caught dorado, a.k.a. mahi mahi. Choices include corn or flour tortillas, and if you manage to book the busy caterer to the right time and place, you may also have the option to watch the tortillas made fresh to order. When it comes to tacos, however you spell it, that’s something that never gets old.