Wicho’s Tacos


Since 1999, Wicho’s has been serving tacos, aguachile, fish cocktails, and ceviche out of food trucks and storefronts in Tijuana. In 2017 the small south-of-the-border chain made an appearance at Tacotopia, drumming up votes with the help of its mascot — a man-sized fish wearing an apron and a baseball cap! The fish did a great job, as Wicho’s wound up winning runner-up honors by popular vote in the Reader’s best taco competition!

Really, most of the credit goes to the excellent and flavorful tacos Wicho’s served at the event. Succulent bacon-wrapped marlin was topped with rice, crema, cilantro, a splash of hot salsa, and a few pieces of diced mango. All these delicious complementary toppings were served on an almost fluffy, fresh made corn tortilla. It may not be a standard menu item, but when in Tijuana it’s easily worth it to stop by a Wicho’s location and try just about everything else on the menu: standard fish tacos start at 14 pesos, roughly 75 cents American.